What Does It Take to Make Collaboration Productive?
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What Does It Take to Make Collaboration Productive?

Collaboration software is great for teams spread across multiple locations or even for people in the same room. But there are certain key aspects this software must have to make this way of working productive and in fact, even more productive than the traditional way of working. Let is look at them:

* User Friendly: It has to be user friendly so that people do not waste time trying to find out how to use it and also because you want your employees not to fear the collaboration software but instead be eager to use it. If the software is hard to understand, then people will take a lot of time to do their work and with time they will start avoiding it as much as possible.

* Powerful Searching: Working in collaboration environments produces a great amount of formal and informal information. To have a fast and efficient access to that information you need a powerful search that allows your employees to have a quick access to that information when they need it. For example, you are in a meeting and there is a question about something you discussed last week with your supervisor through your collaboration tool, you know you had arrived to very meaningful conclusions, but you do not remember exactly what they were. If the collaboration software has a powerful search, then you will probably be able to find that conversation in no time and share it with the rest of the people in the meeting, making that meeting more interesting and more productive. 

* Good Performance: The software has to have a good performance, so that it is easier to do or find something using it, than without it. For example, if it takes ten minutes to log in to the application to find out when the next deadline is, then probably you will try to find out about it in a different way. This might mean phoning a colleague, and by doing so interrupting his work and making the time of both of them less productive.

If your collaboration software gathers these key aspects, then it will probably be very well accepted in your company and will increase everyone s productivity by making the interaction between your employees less invasive, less time consuming and easier to keep track of.

Groobix supports all these key aspects to make collaboration productive and more. For more information about Groobix collaborative modules, visit: Tour & Free Trial.

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